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imageSo I recently became natural…well not recently, about a year ago. It was totally unplanned. For those who know me, I think being natural takes a lot of willpower and errr…I just didn’t feel it was for me. But then, I take out my weave this fateful day and find out that my hair had chopped off in the middle, I mean like low-cut! I had noticed it for a while but I thought, hey, it would grow. But then it hit me, this hair ain’t coming back. So I walked to the salon and cut it, just like that. Big chop. You should have seen my colleagues’ surprised looks when I rocked my low-cut to work the next day. Someone even said I was bold. Lol. I didn’t feel bold at all. I just didn’t feel like wearing a wig – the breeze was making sense.

Well, fast forward to today and I’m still rocking my natural hair. However, I always dread shampoo time, cos from what I glean from naturalistas, especially on BN, maintaining natural hair is a full-time job. Wash in a circular motion, air-dry, wrap in a satin scarf…huh? Aint nobody got time for that oo!

So you could imagine my joy when I read Osemhen’s blogpost on caring for natural hair. I could literally hug her. Girlfriend is such an angel! I’ve taken the liberty of sharing. Read here and here. Do you have tips for natural hair care? Do share!

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