Lagos Theatre Festival

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Yours truly beside Alagbede (Blacksmith) 🙂

I am a big arts enthusiast. I believe studying English in uni helped cement my love relationship with the arts. Even though I don’t get to attend as many events as I would like to, my love has remained strong.

Imagine my delight when Que agreed to attend the Lagos Theatre Festival last Friday. We arrived the festival venue, Freedom Park on Broad Street, Lagos Island at about 7.10pm. Freedom Park had quite the crowd that evening, not surprisingly though. There were open air bars with lots of people, lots of drinks flowing and loud music of Wizkid and Olamide blaring from the speakers. We walked around a bit, taking in the scenery. Freedom Park is such a beautiful place and I couldn’t stop oohing and aahing. From the museum to the shops selling artistic pieces to the photography booths, I fell in love with the cultural and artistic ambience. It was like TerraKulture…on a larger scale. I especially loved the statues. They looked so real, I couldn’t resist a picture. Lol.

We arrived at the main stage where Love like a slave was on. Love like a slave was a three scene performance in poetry, song and dance. The poetry was deep; a story of artists struggling to find the balance between their calling, societal responsibilities and financial obligations. In a way, the poem spoke to the wider society, about maximizing our gifts to bless the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the singing and the dance.

Cast of Love like a slave

During the closing credits, I realized that a lot of the actors were in paid employment yet pursuing their passion. My favourite character, a 16-year-old boy who played the violin beautifully, plays his way through school. The poet was a partner in a law firm with over ten years’ experience. Wow! Very inspiring!

I had a good good time at the Lagos Theatre Festival, fantastic TGIF it was! Hopefully, we’ll have such events often. Did you attend any of the events? Please share your experience!

Stay inspired!

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