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Foluketaiwo 2So I have been on leave or ‘paycation’ for the past two weeks and I was indoors most of the time. Considering that I had worked non-stop – asides weekends and public holidays – since August 2015, I needed the rest badly. I soon got bored though, no thanks to PHCN. So when I saw the Red Media tweet about a Digital Marketing workshop, I thought why not? Location and timing is perfect besides I get to network. Sebi they say your network is your net worth?

First day in, we were given a long list of dos and don’ts (eye rolling), I’m like is this secondary school? We had a curriculum; Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation etc, with names of facilitators so I googled their names and I was kinda disappointed. I didn’t expect one of the doyens of DM to lecture us but hey a girl’s got to hope. I was already calculating better uses for my money than having ‘inexperienced’ people bore me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. In most DM seminars, facilitators concentrate on what; how the internet is important, why we need an online presence but never tell us how SMEs can build and sustain that online presence. This workshop showed us how to create a FaceBook ad, how to measure ROI, how to create a Google adwords account, how to maximise SEO and on and on. On all three days of the workshop, the facilitators exceeded the time assigned but we really didn’t mind.

I always knew but after this workshop, I am more certain than ever that in a few years, digital media ignorance will be synonymous with irrelevance. Think about it, most millennials are dependent on smart devices for work, play and business. In ten years, is that gonna change? Nah. Instead, internet penetration will keep growing and will be largely driven by mobile.

I had a good time, I learnt a lot and more importantly, I met some really cool people. 🙂


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Selfie with the facilitator!

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